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Copper pet blanket


Infused with 25% copper fibre, this soft, fleecy blanket is perfect for your pets or even as a throw for you!  

Copper has long been associated with aiding movement so just sleeping on a copper infused blanket may be of benefit  for dogs needing joint support.

The copper in this blanket will also help to deter fleas and mites and is anti - odour so requires less washing than other dog blankets.  

This blanket is a really good size 150 cm x 100 cm ( 59 inches x 39 inches approx)


A  luxury pet blanket, made to the highest standards containing 25% copper infused thermo regulating fibres. The soft fleece has a warm comforting feel. This is a flexible form of bedding which can be used to protect your carpet, sofa, bed or car seats whilst pampering your pet. The blanket is fully machine washable.

The copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the usable life of the blanket.


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