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Canigestion, appetite stimulant and digestive aid. £11.99

Tum Ease

Tum Ease aids digestion £7.99

The Missing Link

The Missing Link, premier food supplement. £22.99

K-9 Sure

K-9 Sure, all natural food supplement.   £9.99

Tartar X

TartarX for oral health. From  £9.99


A combination of herbs traditionally for
the misery of loose motions

Dry 230 ml £9.49Add to CartN.B. If your dog's loose stools don't improve within 3 days or your dog is very young/old or seems in any sort of distress please seek immediate veterinary advice.
Description  A combination of herbs traditionally used for relief from the misery of loose motions  Ingredients:  Shepherds Purse  American Cranesbill  Goldenseal  Oak  Fenugreek  Cinnamon   Made in UK by Phytopet

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