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ODAGON odour control for your garden or indoors



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'I am very pleased with Green Peez.  Charlie was one last August and he was causing dreadful yellow patches on my lawn.. Since using Green Peez my lawn has begun to look so much better.   Thank you’   

Carolyn B .  Staffs

'Having tried the costly and ineffective Australian dog rocks, we have been hugely impressed with Green Peez. Delighted to once again have a lawn without the crazy paving effect of the yellow stains/dead grass.'
Peter O-E., Surrey

'Wonderful, simply superb.'

Elsie T., Hereford

Clearz Tearz herbal tear stain prevention remedy

Clearz Tearz for tear stain prevention.

Farewell Fleaz

Farewell Fleaz for flea and tick prevention.

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Green Peez

Dog Ruining Your Lawn?

GREEN PEEZ herbal lawn prevention remedy

100 ml £19.99

Green Peez herbal remedy contains  a unique blend of herbs and  is a totally safe, natural solution to lawn burn. Depending on the weight of your dog, simply add a few drops of the herbal blend to your pet's daily meal. Results are normally seen within 3 weeks. As an added bonus, the herbs used in Green Peez are  all known to contribute to a healthy  urinary tract. It will not alter the PH balance of your dog’s pee.

Suggested daily amount:

Dogs  under 10 kg 5 - 7 drops

Dogs 10 - 24 kg  7 - 10 drops

Dogs  25 kg +  10 - 15 drops

Ingredients: Tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, goldenrod, dandelion and yucca.

Read our article on  Preventing  lawn burn caused by dog urine

100 ml bottle used at 10 drops daily will last approx 200 days.

Lawn after Green Peez Lawn before Green Peez

Use Green Peez herbal remedy to transform your lawn from this…

To this! Results normally seen within 3-4 weeks.

Made in UK


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