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100 %  natural, organic  flea powder


GET RID powder is a natural substance  formed from the remains of microscopic algae.  These microscopic organisms in GET RID powder penetrate the exoskeleton of fleas, ticks and other creepy crawlies. so they dehydrate and die.

Dust GET RID powder liberally through the coat of all your dogs and cats and sprinkle some over their beds and favourite sleeping spots.    No need to worry if they swallow some of the powder, it’s completely safe and non toxic.

During the flea  season you will need to use GET RID powder on a regular basis, perhaps fortnightly or more often if your dog has been swimming.  

Be aware that if your pet has fleas then your home almost certainly has resident fleas too - read 'Farewell to Fleas' to help you deal with them.

Also your pet probably needs worming, why not try Wormwood Complex?  

200g  £5.50


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