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Calm Xtra Natural Calmer for Dogs

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Natural calmer that soothes and calms anxious dogs.

Perfect for stressed dogs, those that suffer separation anxiety and noise sensitive.

Liquid tincture contains herbal valerian, skullcap, passionflower, wild lettuce and Jamaican dogwood.

Easy to use. Simply add drops to food or a treat. Requires only a small drop. 

May have a mild sedative effect so if you are planning to show your dog this may not be the calmer you are looking for!


Contains Herbal Tinctures of: Valerian, Oat, Skullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce and Jamaican Dogwood. 30ml


Large Dogs 15 - 25 drops
Medium Dogs 10 - 15 drops
Small Dogs 5 -10 drops
Cats 3 - 5 drops
Give 2 -3 times daily or as needed Can also be used 20-30 minutes before a noisy/stressful event for an fast calming effect. Works within 30 minutes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Sandra Street
Really helpful with selecting the right product

My partner contacted you to see what might help our anxious dog, and two products were recommended. We are very happy with the recommendation as we're starting to see improvements already. I'll be ordering more soon as we're running out.

Karen Lynch
Excitable Collie

My collie is generally calm with the exception of when she knows she is going for a walk. As soon as she sees the lead or me get my shoes etc. she goes into a barking frenzy. I spoke with Aisling who recommended the unwind and calm xtra along with some training. She is still barking but not as bad and I do think the products are helping.

colin fuller
Always Helpful

I have been a regular customer for some years for both my current and previous dog, both ladies are always very interested and helpful and have provided some excellent products, at normally reasonable cost, which have particularly helped my current, somewhat nervous, Boston Terrier.


Good but wish the pipette had a measure on it

Lynn Pope
Really helped.

This product calm x has really helped our large breed puppy. I wish I had found this sooner when he started his journey of being under house arrest for 4 weeks and only allowed on lead in the garden till the end of this month a total of 8 weeks. He had an arthroscopic procedure on his right shoulder. The trazodone prescribed didn't help much and made his excitement worse.
Aisling and Frances were very helpful when I emailed about the problem. He became destructive and started fly biting out of boredom and frustration. Too late for my skirting boards and some of my walls and beading in the hall, but after experimenting with the amount of drops 20 to 25 3x daily for him they are working. He is more relaxed listening to us when training and now he can go out for walks he is becoming calmer.
I have just ordered another bottle so we don't run out over Christmas we have family coming and he will have to be on lead as he can still get a bit excited still and our young Granddaughter has for some a reason a fear of dogs.

These will help us all though and keep him calm enough to handle without too much jumping and pulling. (Hopefully).

I would recommend and say give them a go. I have tried quite a few natural calmers and this one seems to be hitting the spot for him.