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Green Peez 100ml: Dog urine grass repair. Neutralise dog urine grass.

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Prevent the ugly brown marks caused by your dog's pee with the magical elixir, Green Peez. This formula works wonders to neutralise dog urine and helps restore your grass to its former glory - giving your dog a place to pee without the guilt! No more yellow patches - just a lush, green lawn. 

Green Peez helps repair grass that has been attacked by pet urine, with just a few drops in your dog's food bowl. Don't forget to add to dog food NOT water to be sure you are giving your dog their full daily dosage every day.

A 100ml bottle of this remarkable formula will keep a medium sized dog's pee from turning your lawn yellow for up to six months. So don't pee-k a fight with your pup, keep your grass green with Green Peez.

Plus, with the handy dropper bottle, you can measure the daily dose with ease. It's packed with herbal goodness, featuring tinctures of Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Golden Rod, Dandelion and Yucca.

Green Peez is a safe and natural solution to heal your grass - you'll be back to lush greenery in no time (most people see a difference in around 3 weeks depending on the time of year). Plus, with added herbs that are known urinary tract helpers, you can rest assured knowing your dog is taking care of itself too.


What's Inside our Dog Urine Grass Repair Formula?

Includes pure herbal tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, golden rod, dandelion and yucca.

This potent combination of herbs will help to stop dog urine killing grass and prevent those urine spots.


Suggested daily amount for dogs and puppies over 3 months:

Dogs under 10kg 5-7 drops

Dogs 10-24kg 7-10 drops

Dogs 25kg + 10-15 drops

Green Peez cannot bring dead grass back to life but depending on the the time of year you should notice a difference in you lawn within a few weeks. Always add to food not to water to neutralise dog urine spots.


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See the Difference Green Peez Makes to Your Garden in Weeks

Depending on the time of year it may take a few weeks for Green Peez to get into your dog's system however you should see a difference in your lawn within a few weeks.

Do Not Add to Water. Just Add Drops to Dog Food Daily

Unlike other lawn burn products, Green Peez is added to dog food NOT water. We all know that many dogs prefer to drink out of a muddy puddle so by adding Green Peez to dog food you can be sure that your dog is getting their full daily dose.

All Natural Ingredients

Green Peez contains tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, goldenrod, dandelion and yucca. Originally developed to support the urinary tract it was discovered that it actually also prevents the brown patches on grass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Pretty sure it’s working!

We’ve been adding this to our dog’s food for about 10 weeks now and it does appear to be reducing the grass damage significantly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to be absolutely certain as we have a ‘visiting’ dog that is not given Green Perez so some scorching persists.

Just started using

Easy to order delivery very quick
Don’t know if product works yet….. I’ve just started using it for my puppy
Grass hasn’t turned yellow so it must work
Time will tell🤞🤞Forever hopeful

Veronica Berry

I found Canine Natural Cures very helpful and courteous. I haven’t been using it long enough to judge how successful it is at the moment.

Andrew Percival
Green peez

The service is very good thank you. My only issue being does “green peez” work for every dog. I would be ecstatic if you could provide me with a product that 100% works suggestions please 🙏

very good service many thanks

very pleased thankyou