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We Are Family!

We Are Family!

That’s right!  We are a family run business (mother and daughter) and our much loved four legged additions inspire us every day. 

We passionately believe that many of our pet’s common healthcare concerns can be solved using natural herbs and homeopathy.

We know our products (and dogs) inside out and what works and what doesn’t. That’s hardly surprising -  we have been doing this for over 25 years.

Pictured left is owner, Aisling Armitage, with her dog, Chloe.

Herbs and Homeopathy

Herbs and Homeopathy

At Canine Natural Cures we understand herbs and homeopathy and recognise that every dog is unique.

We work with herbalists, homeopaths, dog trainers and behaviourists to help you choose the right homeopathy and herbal supplements for your particular dog and their specific concern.

We are also very picky about where our products come from and what they contain. Wherever possible we source items that are made in the UK. On occasions when this is not possible we try to find products that have a traceable provenance so that we can be sure of their quality.

We prefer to work with other small businesses like our own that offer marvellous customer service, traceability, knowledge and advice.

Your dog's health and happiness is always our number one concern.

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Canine Natural Cures is a trading name of Dogs & Co Ltd. Company number 08353697. VAT number 155168992