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Itchy Dog Shampoo

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If you're looking for a great value product that really works then Itchy Dog Shampoo is perfect - especially for dogs with sensitive skin, allergies or fleas. 

Contains a high quality concentrated neem oil and coconut oil  for deep cleansing and skin conditioning. Ideal for dogs with allergies. Many dogs suffer from grass or pollen allergies and experience seasonal itching. Try using Itchy Dog Shampoo with the homeopathy in the bundle below if your dog has a grass or pollen allergy.

Alternatively, they may be allergic to a cleaning product that you are using in the home. By washing them with itchy dog shampoo you can help to soothe and calm irritated skin.

Itchy dog shampoo is also suitable for use if your dog has fleas. No flea ever survived a good soaking so if your dog has fleas then regular bathing is a must. Itchy dog shampoo also contains neem oil which is a natural herb traditionally used to repel fleas. 

If your dog has fleas why not purchase our Flea and Worm All in One Bundle which contains all you need to control fleas and worms naturally. 


Dilute with water. Shampoo as normal. RInse out partially leaving some of the shampoo on the dog's skin to allow neem oil to work its magic!


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About Us

We are a small family business based in Surrey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Michael Poole
Great product

My dog suffers with seasonal allergies, so I was pleased to find this shampoo. It's gentle, but effective. I use it regularly to wash my dogs paws and it keeps them in good condition.

Arlyn Pocock
Soothing shampoo

My bulldog suffers from grass pollen .
Really gives him some comfort nice scent too .

Sandra Semple
Itchy dog shampoo and treats.

After using both, our dog is a lot better. Shampoo was the same as we got from the vet but at a 3rd of the cost. We would recommend both. We started giving 5 treats a day and now only need to give 3.

Jane Hopkins
Itchy dogs

My itchy dogs did well with the shampoo I purchased from Canine Natural Cures . It lathered up well and cleaned the mud off 😍

Margot Good
Itchy dog shampoo

Shampooed Bertie two days ago and he has not scratched since. The shampoo seems quite gentle will certainly be using it from now on