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Ditch the Itch Homeopathy for Dogs with Grass or Pollen Allergies

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Ditch the Itch contains a mixture of grasses, grass pollens and house dust mite to offer help if the dog is sensitive to any one or all of these common allergens. Usually given as one pill three times daily initially and then reduce down to the minimum your dog needs to help keep it itch free.   200+ pills supplied in recyclable cardboard box.

We recommend using Ditch the Itch in combination with our homeopathic Skin Combo. Skin Combo will help to soothe and alleviate itchy, sore skin whilst the Ditch the Itch will help to reduce grass and house dust allergies. Skin Combo will help to make your dog more comfortable while the Ditch the Itch is taking effect. Skin Combo is a very useful homeopathic remedy that can be used to soothe skin that may be hot, red and itchy for other reasons eg contact allergies, food allergies etc. Order together and save 20%.

Homeopathy should be given on a clean tongue with no strong flavours in the mouth - ideally this means not with food. The tablets/pills are small and taste sweet and most dogs will readily accept them. If your dog objects then try giving with a bland flavour such as milk, plain yogurt or even butter.


Contains a mixture of homeopathic grasses and pollens, house dust mite, allium and euphrasia


Homeopathy is given to your dog by either popping a pill in his mouth or crushing the pill into a powder (easy to do if you put the pill between a sheet of clean folded paper) and adding to a drop of milk. Please note that homeopathy should not be given with food. Pills do taste sweet and dogs will often take them as a treat. Handle as little as possible.

Ditch the Itch
Give one tablet 3 times daily. Reduce as dog improves Contains 200 + pills.

Skin Combo
For very itchy dogs give one tablet every 2 hours and then gradually reduce to once daily until better. Pack contains 200+ pills.

Homeopathy FAQ

How should I give homeopathy to my dog?

Our homeopathic tablets and pills should be given 30 minutes before of after food. This is because homeopathy needs to be given on a 'clean tongue'. This means no strong flavours in your pet's mouth. The tablets and pills are very small and taste sweet so most dogs will accept them readily.

If you struggle to give your dog tablets or pills then we suggest that you crush the tablet between the fold of a piece of paper and mix with a drop of milk or in a tiny pat of butter. Most dogs will happily take their homeopathy like this.

Is it true that you shouldn't touch homeopathy?

Yes and no. It is difficult not to touch the tablets at all but try to keep handling to a minimum to preserve its potency. Your homeopathy will be supplied to you in a plastic tube. When giving to your dog simply drop a tablet or pill into the palm of your hand. Most dogs will lick it off your hand as the tablets taste sweet.

What is the dose for a small or large breed of dog?

Whether your dog is a mastiff or a chihuahua they will have the same dose of homeopathy. This makes homeopathy a very economical choice for owners of large breeds!

How quickly does homeopathy work?

Depending on the nature of the problem most customers will see a difference within a week or so. If you don't see an improvement then please get in touch with us as sometimes we can tailor-make homeopathy especially for your dog. There is no extra charge for this service.

What age can I give homeopathy from?

Homeopathy is safe to give to your dog from 12 weeks old. With the exception of our range for pregnant bitches do not give during pregnancy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

I’ve tried several different products for itching ears and paws. The combo skin and ditch the itch have really improved my dogs symptoms.
I have used the tablets 3 times daily and had no problems with her taking the tablets, in fact she’s excited at the sound of the bottle rattling😃
Highly recommend. Thank you!

colin Brady
Ditch the itch.

Does exactly what it says on the bottle 100% satisfaction.

Worked great for Brucey

I suspected my pooch had a grass allergy as he kept getting rashes on his hind legs after walks in the hills, and there wasn’t a flea in sight! So I bought the Skin Combo & Ditch the Itch set and they seem to be working a treat. His rash has cleared up and he barely scratches himself now! Happy mummy & puppy! 😊

Linda Henderson

Easy to order as so much information is given. I knew exactly what would best. Good price and quick delivery. Thank you.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to have helped you find the best dog homeopathy for your dogs needs.

Best solution for our dog

I’ve been trying Quercetin with Bromelain and stinging nettle etc. for our small dogs seasonal itchiness but nothing was giving her relief. By November last year she had lost a lot of hair and had bald patches. Half way through allergy season this year, when natural remedies were not helping and she was scratching and licking non stop, I decided to look up a homeopathic remedy and came across Canine Natural Cures Ditch the Itch and Skin Combo. These two remedies gave her immediate relief and stopped about 85% of the itch. Now she has peaceful nights with no scratching and only scratches/licks a bit during the day… mostly after coming in from outdoors. It does help to give her regular baths but I’m not always able to keep that up. Really looking forward to starting next years allergy season with these two products!

Thank you Tiffany for your review. We're so glad that our homeopathic remedy was able to provide relief for your dog, and that she is happier and having peaceful nights