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Get Rid Natural Flea Powder for Dogs 200g

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100% natural and non-toxic! Dust Get Rid Flea Powder onto your dog to kill fleas within 4 hours of application. If your dog has fleas then you will also need to use a natural flea prevention daily such as our Farewell Fleaz or Verm-x powder to stop the fleas which are likely now in your home (sorry to break the bad news!) from hopping back on board.

Contains Diatomaceous Earth, the best natural remedy to fight fleas. Diatomaceous Earth is the remains of microscopic algae. It works by penetrating the exoskeleton of fleas, ticks and other creepy crawlies so that they dehydrate and die within hours.

Apply sparingly approx 2-3 times per week if your dog is badly infested.  Use outside to avoid inhaling.


Contains diatomaceous earth.
Non taint, non odour and non chemical.
Completely safe if ingested.


Dust lightly over pets and pet bedding. This product contains fine particles. Apply sparingly to avoid creating a cloud of fine particles in the air.


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Customer Reviews

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Great go pet beds between washes.



Steve Blight
Get rid natural flea powder.

Used once when it arrived for the odd two or three fleas that always seemed to survive other products, and have used Farewell Fleas drops since and NO , fleas 🤣 a natural product from a family run firm and it works, what more can u ask.

AM Gibbons

Recently took on a young dog which unknown to us,had fleas. Consequently ordered 'Get rid' flea powder, couple of flea combs and 'Farewell to fleaz' supplement just before Christmas.

Thank you to Canine Natural Cures for getting the package delivered so quickly during the busy Christmas period.

Our little dog has been bathed a couple of times with anti flea shampoo, dusted every day with the flea powder, groomed frequently with the flea combs, and bedding changed / dusted daily. Fingers crossed, I haven't found any creepy crawlies for a few days now, so hopefully the products have done their job and the problem has been solved.

Couldn't find flea powder locally so was really pleased to find it on line - not keen on the stuff from the vets and the associated risks.

Would recommend the products mentioned in this review, as well as the excellent service from Canine Natural Cures.


Good product