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Dog's Life Anti-Fungal Ear Cleaner

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Dog's Life Ear Cleaner contains natural ingredients to remove wax, stop smelly and itchy ears keeping your dog healthy and happy. 

These ear drops are:

✓ Anti-fungal
✓ Helps to remove dirt and wax
✓ Helps relieve itchy ears
✓ Helps promote positive ear canal health
✓ Natural Aloe Vera & Coconut scent helps prevent smelly ears
✓ & Much more!

Water, Disodium Coco-glucoside Citrate, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Coconut Oil Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol


1. Tilt Dogs Head To One Side To Administer The Cleaning Solution.

2. Apply Solution Directly Into The Ear Canal.

3. Allow Pet To Shake Their Head To Allow The Solution To Reach The Full Length Of The Canal.

4. Clean the excess with cotton buds.

5. Apply once daily for excessively dirty ears.

6. To promote healthy ears, apply once or twice a week.


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About Us

We are a small family business based in Surrey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Started using this on my Rottweilers ears he is honestly looking so much more better god bless you this product truly works wonders and it’s all natural as well I am in love with your brand and hope to buy other stuff for my dogs in the future. 100% better than any Vets that would end up over charging you.

Roy H
Excellent ear cleaner

Excellent ear cleaner, did the job and isn’t as harsh on the dogs inner ear skin as other ear cleansers have been . Pleasant smell.

Alison P
Amazing stuff

This really works. We have a rescue poodle with a recurrent yeast infection in both ears. He’s been in agony since we got him and we almost resorted to removing his ear canals. Until we discovered the ear cleaner and drops, we’ve avoided a vet visit for nearly 9 months now. He sleeps better and is so much happier - thank you 🙏

Karen Appleson
Ear Cleaner

My cockapoo had been suffering with an ear infection, after an expensive trip to the vets I needed to keep cleaning her ears…I really like this product and she does too…it doesn’t bother her, it works well, it’s great value and the ingredients are all good! Very very happy with this product and the excellent service. Wouldn’t hesitate to use this company and their products again 😊

Susan Holder
Dogs Anti-Fungal Ear Cleaner

Brought this product as our dog was suffering with ear infections, this worked so well, his ears have stopped itching although not straight away but it worked effectively……extremely happy with the product, would recommend the use of this if your dog has any ear issues…..Rico says “thank you” and granny says “thank you” best thing ever