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Barrier Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs 400ml

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Barrier Flea and Tick Spray is the best natural flea and tick spray for dogs we have found! As an added bonus it smells gorgeous - we think it smells of cloves.  Contains a blend of essential oils and herbal concentrates just like an old fashioned homemade remedy for fleas.  If your dog already has fleas then use it with 100% natural and non toxic Get Rid powder to kill fleas in 4 hours. For full description and use of Barrier Flea and Tick spray see below. Can also be used with any of our other natural flea prevention products. 


Tough enough to repel all blood sucking pests, the spray is also gentle enough to be applied to all dogs, including smaller breeds and puppies over 3 months old.

If you can't bear removing ticks from your dog and they pick one up, spraying this onto the tick will cause them to fall off naturally. One of our dogs picked up a really tiny red tick on their face (our fault, we'd forgotten to use Barrier Flea & Tick Spray before a walk in the woods), the tick was so tiny we were unable to grasp it with either a tick remover or tweezers so we very carefully sprayed a little of the Barrier Flea & Tick Spray onto their face (shielding the eyes) and when we checked a little while later, tiny red tick was gone!

This is a strong formulation made using non-toxic, highly effective plant extracts and approved under The Control of Pesticides Regulation 1988 . HSE no 8711. Made in the UK. 400 ml trigger spray bottle.


Flea & Tick Spray contains only 100% eucalyptus citriodora oil which has been hydrated and cyclized - both processes which are used to make it into a liquid spray formula. There are no added chemicals.

We think it smells pleasantly of cloves!
Citriodora oil 1/5% W/W Contains Citral.
May produce an allergic reaction


Spray sparingly especially to small breeds and brush coat. Avoid eyes and nasal/mouth area. Ticks tend to be more of a problem in woods and forests. To help avoid Tick infestation, apply to the dog's legs just prior to walking.

If you do happen to find a tick on your dog, spray directly with Barrier and let the tick fall off naturally.

Can also be used on dog bedding.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Billy's mum

Lovely smell and the dog doesn't mind it.

Thank you for your review of our Barrier Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs 400ml! We're glad to hear that your dog loves the lovely scent and doesn't mind being sprayed with it.

I do trust Canine Natural Cures

I have waited to write a review as I wanted to see the effect of the products I purchased on my rescue dog J, regarding the complex topic of seasonal allergies .
There has been a definite improvement in the symptoms and no apparent side effects, so will continue as necessary.
More generally, as this is not my first purchase and there have been a number of very different issues to be tackled over time, I think the most important factor is that I do trust the people behind the website both as regards their scrutiny of the safety and efficacy of the products they sell (there are so many fads out there designed to appeal to owners rather than actually be safe for or useful to pets) but also I trust their advice in being genuinely about the welfare of the animals rather than the sales. And that in itself counts for a lot , especially these days.
Definitely recommend.

Thank you so much for posting your review and I am very touched to hear your comments about us. We really do try to do our best for the dogs and to be as honest as possible with our advice. I always work on the basis that I would rather not sell a product than sell the wrong one. It doesn't always work out that well but that is the intention!

Alison Ellis
This worked

Great product, although not recommended for puppies my vets wanted to use chemical treatment which I was not prepared to do, I sprinkled a very small amount onto the back of my puppy and haven’t seen any fleas since. I also used it on bedding too!

Thanks for the review Alison, its a wonderful product to help protect from fleas

Cally P
Brilliant product, great service and no nasty chemicals in my dogs blood!

Benji is a Tick magnet, we have used the spot on’, they’re are not 100% effective for Benji, and I don’t like the idea of using chemicals in his blood, we tried the tick and flea spray and he’s not had any on him! Game changer as we walk in the woods and in meadows daily, so are prone to picking up those little blood suckers!

Thank you for your positive review of the Barrier Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Dog. We're glad to hear that Benji is now happily walking in the woods and meadows

Rachel Dyson
Wormwood complex

Quick and easy ordering process.
Added to food to the food of my dog and semi feral cat, no one noticed and ate up ( although we didn’t get a freebie as promised so the dog was a bit disappointed 😜)
Used as preventative measure rather than a treatment so a bit early to tell.

Hi Rachel, so glad you are happy with the wormwood complex and on your next order please request your freebie again, apologies for that.