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Calm Dog Hemp Oil for Anxious Dogs 100ml

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Calm your dog naturally using our cold pressed hemp oil for dogs. Helps relax dogs that are prone to anxiety/stress. 

Promotes healthy coat and skin - especially good for dry, itchy skin. Since using hemp oil on our own dogs we have noticed a marked improvement in coat condition. 

Great for strong healthy joints and bones. Perfect for dogs with stiff joints and mobility issues. 

Calm Dog does not contain any artificial colours or additives - just high grade, pure hemp oil. Suitable for dogs and puppies over 8 weeks old. 

Use Calm Dog hemp oil daily. It can be added to food or dropped directly into your dog's mouth. 100ml bottle will last a medium dog approx 3 weeks. 

Contains no added colours, pesticides or additives.

Hemp oil is reputed to be the most unsaturated oil derived from the plant kingdom and has been dubbed Nature's most perfectly balanced oil.



Pure cold-pressed hemp oil.
Does not contain any additives, flavourings or colourings.


Add to food or drop directly into dog's mouth. Use daily according to your dog's weight:

Dogs under 10kg: 1/2 teaspoon
Dogs 10-20kg: 1 teaspoon
Dogs over 20kg: 1.5 teaspoons


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About Us

We are a small family business based in Surrey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Debra B
Fantastic Remedy

A few weeks in and we can see a definite improvement in our anxiously pacing rescue dog. He is so much more relaxed and isn’t pacing any more. Just bought 3 more bottles. Thank you Canine Natural Cures!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review for our Calm Dog Hemp Oil. We are delighted to hear that it has been a fantastic remedy for your anxious rescue dog. It's great to know that after just a few weeks, you have already noticed a significant improvement in your dog's behavior. We are happy to hear that he is more relaxed and no longer pacing. Thank you for choosing Canine Natural Cures and we wish you and your dog all the best.

Customer Service Team at Canine Natural Cures

Elizabeth Gillespie
Hemp Oil and Non aggressplus

I've only been using a few weeks on a very reactive german shepherd pup. I think they are making a difference. Maybe too soon to be sure, but he's calmer in the home I'm yet to see more confirmed results outside with people and dogs but I remain optimistic it will properly kick in soon.

Rosalind Price

Think it's working for him now,

Stephanie Malarz

We have been using the nonaggress plus , alongside the hemp calm oil for our two and half year old German shepherd collie cross . We are almost 3 months in and Murphy much better whilst out walking , far less reactive to other dogs , he used to be difficult to hold on to if a dog as much as looked or barked at him. We have also had help with a dog behaviourist , who also advised that this is fear based . I used to dread taking Murply out for a walk but now it is more of a pleasure . I shall continue to use it on a long term basis. Thank you to the ladies who have advised me, and for the prompt delivery when I order .

Robert Noble
Hemp oil

Wow what a difference Dukes anxiety has really calmed