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PetCol Anal Gland Supplement. Stops Dogs Scooting

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PetCol Anal Gland Supplement for dogs has been specifically designed for dogs with anal gland issues. A dog with blocked anal glands will typically scoot their bottom along the floor in an effort to ease discomfort. PetCol Anal Gland Supplement is a great source of soluble fibre with the added benefit of Pro/Pre Biotic concentrate and helps to create a bulkier stool which is believed to help naturally express anal glands.  Contains psyllium seed which is widely recognised to alleviate the symptoms of blocked anal glands in dogs and stop dogs scooting.  PetCol uses whole psyllium seed including the husk as it absorbs more water than just the husk and is more gelatinous so more soothing. 

Use for loose stools, constipation, anal gland support and IBS. 100g. 

If your dog suffers from blocked anal glands then we recommend that you purchase our Homeopathic Anal Gland Support as well to have on hand in the event that your dog suffers a bout of discomfort with their anal glands. This homeopathic remedy can be given hourly in the event of a flare-up and helps to soothe that uncomfortable tenderness for  your dog. Order with your PetCol. Contains 200+ tablets. 

Read our blog article to find out what else you can do to prevent blocked anal glands.   The Bottom Line - Why Does My Dog Lick his Bum?


PetCol contains Psyllium seed powder, Frutafit HD Chicory Inulin, Eurocell RM10 (Sc1 1077) Live Yeast

Homeopathic Anal Gland Support contains a combination of Calc carb, Hepar sulph, Silicea and Causticum. 200+ pills


Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to food daily.

Sprinkle over food if feeding raw or wet food.

Dry feeders add 1/4 teaspoon of PetCol to 25ml of water then pour over dry food. Ensure fresh water is always available.

For constipated dogs, wet before mixing with food and it will help to moisten dry stools making them easier to pass.

If you feed it dry it will help draw moisture out of the gut which can be of use with diarrhea.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
L’Marl McGrath
Thank you

Will order again

Great product

Can't comment on scooting but this product stopped my dogs smelly leaking anal gland problem pretty much instantly. Would definitely recommend.

Chris Meek
Healthy tum

Seems to be working stopped the scooting on the floor


Fast shipping and great product

Isobel Miller
Anal glands

Early days yet but think it is starting to make a difference