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Nonaggress Plus: Homeopathy for dogs aggressive to other dogs

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Homeopathy to support dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs often through fear. These dogs may have had a scare from another dog, whether deliberate or not, and they now act on the basis that are going to be as scary towards other dogs as they can be in order to keep themselves safe. It's a sort of 'I'm going to get you before you get me' attitude! Many of these dogs may have come through rescue with an unknown background.

Please only select Nonaggress Plus if your dog is aggressive out of fear. If they are aggressive for any other reason then this is not the appropriate homeopathy. For example some dogs may be aggressive due to dominance in which case our Supremo homeopathy would be a better option. If in any doubt please contact us to ask. 

Behavioural problems cannot be solved overnight and reward based training is always helpful and should be used in conjunction with homeopathy. Most dogs will require several months of Nonaggress Plus in order to change their behaviour pattern. Please note if you order the 3 month supply your tablets will be packaged in a single tube.

Homeopathy should be given on a clean tongue with no strong flavours in the mouth - ideally this means not with food. The tablets/pills are small and taste sweet and most dogs will readily accept them. If your dog objects then try giving with a bland flavour such as milk, plain yogurt or even butter.


1 tablet daily.

Fear based aggression is usually a learned behaviour so once your dog is behaving as you would like then gradually reduce the dose from one tablet a day to one every other day and so forth until the tablets are no longer required.

Homeopathy FAQ

How should I give homeopathy to my dog?

Our homeopathic tablets and pills should be given 30 minutes before of after food. This is because homeopathy needs to be given on a 'clean tongue'. This means no strong flavours in your pet's mouth. The tablets and pills are very small and taste sweet so most dogs will accept them readily.

If you struggle to give your dog tablets or pills then we suggest that you crush the tablet between the fold of a piece of paper and mix with a drop of milk or a tiny pat of butter. Most dogs will happily take their homeopathy like this.

Is it true that you shouldn't touch homeopathy?

Yes and no. It is difficult not to touch the tablets at all but try to keep handling to a minimum to preserve its potency. Your homeopathy will be supplied to you in a small, recyclable cardboard container. When giving to your dog simply drop a tablet or pill into the palm of your hand. Most dogs will lick it off your hand as the tablets taste sweet.

What is the dose for a small or large breed of dog?

Whether your dog is a mastiff or a chichuahua they will have the same dose of homeopathy. This makes homeopathy a very economical choice for owners of large breeds!

How quickly does homeopathy work?

Depending on the nature of the problem most customers will see a difference within a week or so. If you don't see an improvement then please get in touch with us as sometimes we can tailor-make homeopathy especially for your dog. There is no extra charge for this service.

What age can I give homeopathy from?

Homeopathy is safe to give to your dog from 12 weeks old. With the exception of our range for pregnant bitches do not give during pregnancy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Deborah Messenger
Non aggressive plus

I'm hoping this will stay at 5 but it's early days. So far my fearful aggressor has gone from hiding and being shady to playing with the pack...we are 10 days in! I have seen her go stiff around the dog that she fights with but so far no more than that. I'm starting to relax around them again and I am SO grateful for that! So glad I found you and I've already shared you to others.

Fiona Gibson
Nonaggression Plus

I have been using nonaggression plus, together with Kalmaid for a couple of weeks. While the Kalmaid helps with other situations such as traffic, I have noticed an improvement when we are passing other dogs. He has even let a couple of them have a sniff. Archie was attacked by entire males on two occasions when he was under a year old. This resulted in Archie having fear aggression towards other dogs. We saw a behaviourist who recommended throwing treats on ground as a distraction technique. Every walk is a training session, but I can see positive improvements. Will forward a picture of Archie

Jackie Bryant

I am still giving her the nonaggress+ only half way through so can’t really say atm if any different as I know it takes time but thank you

Tom Robertson
Aggression problem

A year ago I got a rescue dog that was nervous and was aggressive to other dogs because of this. After spending some time settling the dog down with me, it's new owner, I contacted Canine Natural cures to discuss the problem. As a result I started my dog on NonAgress Plus. It wasn't an overnight fix but I didn't expect it to be and I kept her on one pill a day for a number of weeks. The change was really gradual which meant I didn't notice it until one day she met a Golden Labrador that lives in my street. Normally the two dogs would be snarling and straining at the leash to get at one another but this time my neighbour and I allowed the dogs to meet and after a sniff or two they parted with no hostility being shown. Next time they met my dog was off the lead and again no problem until my neighbour's other dog a small terrier came close to my dog and the Labrador became protective and lunged on it's lead barking and growling a foot away from my dog's face. My dog just stood and looked at it ! No growling back, no aggression, nothing. The other dog stopped it's barking and they were ok together again. That reaction or rather non-reaction convinced me that the cure was working.

Elizabeth Bennett
Really helping

My dog Hugo, a big boned and very beautiful lurcher, was found as a very young stray puppy, only a few weeks old, 4.5 years ago on the streets of Dublin. He was ten months old when he came to us. At first he showed extreme fear aggression
to other dogs. After much reward based training he's 90% better but still very uneasy with certain types of dogs, particularly Alsation type breeds and black labradors. I've been giving him Non-Aggress Plus for about ten days now and he's so much better and more confident. Today he walked past a large dog on an enclosed footpath without any problem. Amazing!