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Add A Little Sparkle. Best Supplements for Optimum Health

Add A Little Sparkle

Sometimes all of our dogs, could do with a little extra oomph and sparkle. With so many products available promising to add lustre and vitality to our dogs condition and coat, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Canine Natural Cures we specialise in sourcing the best natural products for your dog which are hard to find on the High Street. Here is our round up of the best natural products for coat and condition:

K9 Sure – Our most popular food supplement. K9 Sure is great value for money and is a super green food supplement which is sprinkled onto your dog’s food daily. It’s a perfect all round supplement available in 100 and 300g tubs. Contains a pure blend of herbs including seaweed, alfalfa, fenugreek, parsley, nettle, astragalus, spirulina, yeast, rosehip, beetroot, hemp, chia seeds, turmeric and aniseed.

Proflax Skin & Coat – Flax based products are all the rage and this is one of the best. This product is especially helpful to soothe dry or itchy skin as well as promoting a great coat.  It soothes and detoxifies the system. 

Three Oils: Tried and tested. Especially useful for dogs who moult heavily. Contains a blend of cold liver, evening primrose and wheatgerm oils for skin, coat, supple joints and fertility.

 For further information about any of these products call 01883 653372 or click here to view our full range of skin and coat products.

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