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Dog Urine Ruining Your Grass?

Dog Urine Ruining Your Grass?




'Green Peez herbal remedy
transformed my lawn.'

I’ve got a small garden and a medium sized dog. A few months ago, my garden was covered in brown marks caused by my dog peeing on the grass. This phenomena, known as lawn burn, is so frustrating – especially for those of us who are obsessed with their garden. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden you probably don’t notice the marks but for those of us with a handkerchief sized garden it’s really annoying!

Guess what? Two months later …

I have a beautiful green lawn.

I’ve done a ton of research on this issue and it would seem that nitrogen contained in dog wee is the culprit causing this problem. Apparently a little bit of nitrogen is good for the grass. Ever noticed that you get a dark green ring around the edge of a brown mark? This is where the nitrogen has actually fertilised the lawn. But too much nitrogen is a killer (when it comes to grass) and that’s why you get a brown patch. If you have a male dog, you may not notice this problem so much. They tend to cock their legs and spray their urine hence the urine is not so concentrated on one place. Bitches, on the other hand, squat when they urinate hence their urine is more concentrated in one area of your lawn.

Best Product to Stop Dog Urine Spots on Grass

So you’re probably wondering now how I managed to get rid of my brown patches. Well I tried training my dog not to pee on the lawn. That wasn’t particularly successful. I also resorted to following her around with a watering can at one stage to try and dilute the urine but that   wasn’t especially helpful either. Then I stumbled upon Green Peez, a herbal remedy designed to be added to dog food on a daily basis. Green Peez contains a blend of herbs which  prevents the  patches appearing in the first place.

       One Product, Green Peez. I'm Giving it a 5 Star Rating

I was a little sceptical at first but decided to give Green Peez a go. It’s only £18.99 for 100ml bottle and lasts a medium sized dog approx. 6 months. My exceptionally fussy Pointer didn’t seem to object to it going on her food once a day so I started off giving her 14 drops per day. The bottle has a dropper on the top so it’s really easy to administer and because it’s all herbal I didn’t worry too  much if some days I wasn’t entirely accurate.

I decided to be really scientific about this process so I counted my patches before I started with the Green Peez. I had 14 in total! I marked each patch with a bamboo stick in the ground. Three weeks later, I re-counted my patches. Still 14 but no more. Interestingly, some of the patches looked like they were starting to fill in. I gave it another week, as the manufacturers of this product say that you should allow 3 weeks for Green Peez to get into a dog’s system. At the end of the final week, I decided to re-seed the patches so I dug them up and laid new seed.  

It’s now several months later. How’s my lawn looking? Well it’s the best its ever been! I do still have one patch but hey, that’s a massive improvement. Luckily my one patch is behind the shed so I don‘t have to look at it too often. I’m not sure why I still have one patch – maybe that’s her favourite place to pee. Whatever. I’m very happy with the improvement.

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