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What is Homeopathy for dogs?

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which stimulates the body to heal itself. It is based on the Law of Similars or ''let like be cured with like'' . Interestingly, this is the basis of modern immunisations. A tiny amount of a virus like polio or TB introduced into the bloodstream produces immunity against the disease.

Homeopathy uses dilute doses of naturally occurring plant, mineral or animal derivatives which are prepared in a specialised manner to enable the remedy to become properly potentised. Strangely, the more dilute a remedy becomes, the more potent it becomes.

The good news is that the natural approach of homeopathy makes side effects and complications virtually unheard of. It is recognised to be an extremely safe method for treating dogs of any age.

Almost all dogs can be helped with homeopathic treatment especially those with chronic conditions such as skin irritations, allergies, arthritis, etc.

In addition, homeopathy for dogs is very effective in the treatment of some behaviours  such as anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression.

Remedies can be administered to your dog by either:

  • dropping the pills in his mouth; or
  • dissolving them in a small amount of water; or
  • grinding them into a powder that is poured into the mouth.

Also, please note the following:

  • Do not handle the pills as they can easily be neutralized.
  • Do not mix remedies into foods.
  • Do not give with food.

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