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Immune Plus Herbal immune support for your dog

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Immune Plus is a liquid herbal supplement containing immune supportive herbs to help your dog ward off infectons and boost their immune system. Contains a range of herbs including  Elderberry & Echinacea well known for their immune supportive actions as well as direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. 

Herbs in this blend include:

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea): Although famous for its immune system stimulating properties, Echinacea also exerts a direct anti-bacterial, anti-viral action. The anti-fungal action of Echinacea is due to its ability to enhance macrophage phagocytosis (macrophages are blood cells that play an important role in immunity, they are found mainly in the spleen, lymph nodes and liver. Phagocytosis is the action of engulfing and destroying; pathogens).

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra): Much research into Elderberry has proven its anti-viral properties. Elderberry has a direct effect on the DNA of the virus, switching off production of the enzyme that the virus uses to break down body cell walls. As viruses can only replicate inside a body cell, preventing the virus getting inside cells limits its life. A flu virus with an average 10-14 day life can be reduced to under 48hrs with Elderberry.

Cats Claw (Uncaria tormentosa): Not real cats claws from our feline friends, but a South American vine with claw like hooks which allow it to climb. Cats Claw has traditionally been used by native peoples as a ‘cure all ’. Research into the plant suggests that it has the ability to enhance the immune system. Alkaloids and polysaccharides found in the herb have been shown to increase phagocytosis.

Astragulus (Astragulus membronosis): Known in Chinese herbal medicine as Huang Qi, a good tonic herb. Immune boosting, liver supportive. Shown to be useful in chronic fatigue, probably due to the immune system enhancing properties of the herb.


Echinacea, Elderberry, Cats Claw and Astragulus.


Small dogs 5-7 drops

Medium dogs 7-10 drops

Large dogs 10 -15 drops

Add drops to a teaspoon of cooled boiled water. Add to food or directly into mouth 2 -3 times daily

Acute dose: 3-5 drops every 2-3 hours.

Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children. If in any doubt, always consult your vet.

Due to the potent immune enhancing properties of this combination it is advisable to avoid if pregnant or likely to become pregnant, using anticoagulant drugs, auto immune diseases, recent organ transplant or skin graft. Avoid sugars (sugars reduce immune system ability to function).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeannie .marsh
Fantastic website

My French bulldog had an infection on her spine at the beginning of the year, she's still on antibiotics, so I give her this immune supplement in her food, so easy as its liquid drops.

Jen Marsh
Great products.

My dog is still recovering from an infection on her spinal cord. Her antibiotics are being reduced so this immune support will help her.

Thanks for the feedback! We're happy to hear that immune plus is helping her recover from the infection.

Don Polaine
Good products at a reasonable price

My dog has been suffering from an allergy for sometime and as a result his natural immune system has been poor. The products I purchased have been very beneficial in helping him resume his immunity. Would recommend