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Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Powder/Verm-X

by Verm-X
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Say goodbye to pesky fleas and ticks with Verm-X Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Powder. This all-natural flea treatment will have your dog feeling comfy and cozy without the worry of pesky pests. Keep your dog's fur flea-free with Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Powder/Verm-X! Oh, and did we mention it's all-natural? Woof!

To use, simply add the delicious blend of herbs to dog food on a daily basis to naturally repel fleas and ticks. The powder mixes easily into dog food so your dog won't even know it's there. One customer has even told us that their fussy dog seems to prefer their meal with Verm-X on it!

Contains Mint, Ginger, Fenugreek, Neem, Lemon Balm, Garlic. These are all herbs that have traditionally been used to repel fleas and ticks. 100% chemical free.

Verm-X Flea and Tick Repellent is totally safe for your dog. Vet approved. Unlike some pharmaceutical products, there is no need to keep your pets separated or avoid contact with your dog whilst using Verm-X.

As well as protecting against fleas and ticks, the herbs contained in Verm-X promote health skin and coat. 

Suitable for all dogs, including puppies from four months of age and those with sensitive stomachs.

A 70g tub will last a small dog up to 5 months or a medium dog approx 3 months. Now also available in a 140g tub for even better value for money.


Mint, Ginger, Fenugreek, Neem, Lemon Balm, Garlic.


Up to 10kg - 1 x level scoop
11-25kg - 1 x heaped scoop
25kg+ - 1-2 x heaped scoops

Measuring scoop included. This pack will last a small dog up to five months.

As with many completely natural products, Verm-X Flea & Tick Powder encourages your pet to build their own natural defences against fleas and ticks. We advise that you begin feeding your dog their Verm-X® Flea & Tick Powder a minimum of six weeks prior to the start of flea and tick season.

This product is not suitable for pregnant bitches or nursing mothers.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jeanette Stilts

Been using this for a while now and had no fleas or ticks on my dogs.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you've been pleased with the results of using our Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Powder/Verm-X.

Jo Newman
Verm-X Flea & Tick

This is virtually the first product that I have found actually works for ticks.

chris mason
Like a miracle.

My girl scratched all day long in the season, and it was driving us both nuts. After only 2 days of adding this to her food - gone ! Now she rarely scratches at all and we are both a lot happier. 10/10.

Great news, Thanks for your review we are happy to hear this product is working well for you.

Veronica Tapley
Natural answer to fleas & ticks

So far although only used for a few weeks. Good results. Really hope this is the answer. Delivery very good & efficient service.

So far so good

Tilly loves the flavour of this , I just add it to her food and so far no nasties 😉.I feel much better giving her this than having to rely on chemicals every 3 months.