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Skin Aid Skin and Coat Supplement

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Skin Aid is a liquid tincture containing botanical extracts to help your dog's skin and coat condition. Useful for dogs prone to smelly, itchy, greasy coats or a yeast problem. Also good for chronic dry skin conditions such as psoriosis, acne and eczema. This can often cause itchy paws and many of these dogs will also be prone to anal gland problems. Skin Aid helps to gently detoxify the body by improving bowel function and supporting lymph drainage. Cooling herbs help reduce inflammation and irritation.

Easy to administer, just add drops to food or water. Available in 30ml and 100ml. 


Calendula (Calendula officinalis):
Cooling, anti-inflammatory useful for inflammed, irritating skin conditions.

Nettle (Urtica dioica):
Kidney supportive, helping to eliminate uric acid. Due to this cleansing action, Nettle is specific for chronic skin problems

Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobilis):
One of the herbalists most important plants, used for a variety of disorders. Its gentle cooling action make it specific for all forms of inflammation especialy inflammation and irritation of the skin.

Burdock (Arctium lappa):One of the most powerfull and effective blood tonics used by herbalists. Used for all kinds of skin disorders, especially psoriosis, acne and eczema.

Blue Flag Root (Iris versicolor): Used by herbalists for psoriosis, eczema and scrofulous skin disorders, due to Blue Flag's cleansing effect on the lymphatic system.


Small dogs 5-7 drops

Medium dogs 7-10 drops

Large dogs 10 -15 drops

Add drops to a teaspoon of cooled boiled water. Add to food or directly into mouth 2 -3 times daily.


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About Us

We are a small family business based in Surrey.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joanne Farmer
Skin Aid

I've been using this product for a few weeks and have noticed a big difference his scratching has really reduced he's a happier boy as I am and will be using this for the rest of his life if you have a itchy dog please order

Hi Joanne, Thankyou for you review and letting us know that Skin Aid has helped so much and you dog is much happier, as are you.


Best thing I have bought for my dog it's really helped with his itchiness and have re ordered

louise michie
Skin aid

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks along with the probiotic & I can finally see a difference the itching is not as bad & smell is going she has flaky skin now doggy dandruff

Rebecca Colebrooke
Skin Aid and Probiotic concentrate

I have to give 5 🌟 for the helpful advice alone! Have been using this in conjunction with the probiotic concentrate for yeast problems, recurring ear infections, itchy ears and paws and although we have only been using for 2 weeks there really is a marked improvement! Significantly less paw nibbling and odour. The lady I spoke to also advised to introduce the ear drops and I'm happy to say we no longer have to chase a reluctant hound around to administer ear drops 😊
If like me you've had a monthly return to the vet's please please give this wonderful gem of a company a call!! Thank you Canine Natural Cures

Ah thank you for your lovely review. It makes me so happy to hear positive feedback like yours . I do remember our conversation and I am so pleased it is all starting to work. It is never an overnight fix but slowly slowly ... do remember to try and keep your dog off the carbs and grains as they will also help tremendously.


He was doing really well on it then the scratching started and licking his paw im continuing to use it as it did really help I've had two bottles now and I recommend to my friend for her frenchies