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Turmeric for Dogs with Bioperine

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The best things come in small packages! Highly concentrated turmeric with bioperine (black pepper) to aid absorption. 

Turmeric Tincture is in a liquid formula and just a few drops added to food are needed to derive all the benefits. Turmeric Tincture is simple to use and  there is none of the mess that is involved with many similar products on the market which often stain and are messy. Can also be used on cats. 

Turmeric is known to have a range of anti-inflammatory properties which makes it excellent for dogs suffering from stiff, achy joints and bones. It is also traditionally used for a range of liver and digestive issues.

A 100ml bottle would last a medium sized dog approx 2-3 months.


1:3 tinctures of curcuma longa with added bioperine.

10 drops of turmeric tincture equates to in excess of 200mg of turmeric. The recommended strength of turmeric for therapeutic effect is 200mg. A liquid tincture is also more effective as it is arguably more concentrated and bioavailable than a powdered version.


Suggested Dose:

Large dogs 10-15 drops daily

Medium dogs 7-10 drops daily

Small dogs, cats and rabbits etc 5-7 drops daily

Give twice daily. Not to be used during pregnancy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Helena Weaver

Very happy with this product. I have put all my oldies on it and it appears to have helped. Over the moon with the results x

Great natural anti inflammatory!

I swapped from Turmeric Golden paste to Turmeric tincture because one of my dogs developed pancreatitis and needed a very low fat diet. It does exactly the same job reducing inflammation and my dogs have no problem eating their food with it. I always prefer the natural option to chemicals wherever possible and contact the lovely team for advice to get the best treatment for the problem.

Ann Sullivan

I have a 16 year old dog who was begging to show her age after just sat few days of turmeric she's back to her old self nobody's told her she's an old lady now

Great to hear that she is feeling better after taking turmeric. Bioperine is a great addition to the recipe, helping to improve absorption of the turmeric.

Helen Bond
Made a difference

Two dogs on turmeric for arthritic inflammatory type conditions. Both dogs were noticeably more active, lameness disappeared, and were brighter . Thought it was a very effective treatment.

Thank you for the feedback Helen and great to hear that turmeric is helping.

Richard Cole
Excellent stuff

Excellent tincture and a great way to get it into my dogs diet. So much easier and cleaner than any golden paste I have tried