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Fireworks Special Pack: For Dogs Scared of Fireworks

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Own a dog scared of fireworks? Our Fireworks Special bundle is just what you need to calm and relax noise sensitive dogs.

An invaluable bundle specifically designed for noise sensitive dogs. It includes two of our favourite products for scaredy cats (or rather dogs!). Works even better when used with hemp oil too.

The bundle includes:

Noise Remedy: A 30 day course of homeopathic tablets especially for noise sensitivity. We have been selling homeopathic Noise Remedy for over 25 years and it was featured by Beverley Cuddy in the Mail on Sunday many years ago and since then we have been selling it largely through word of mouth to our loyal customers who swear by it. Give to your dog 3 x daily in the run-up to Fireworks Night. Alternatively can be used every 30 minutes during a noisy event to keep your dog calm and relaxed.

Calm Xtra: Concentrated herbal drops for Noise Sensitivity, Separation Anxiety, Anxiety, Stress and Hyperactivity. Calm Xtra is fast acting and can be added to food, a treat or syringed directly into the mouth. This potent blend of herbal tinctures including
Valerian, Oat, Skullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce and Jamaican Dogwood. Use up to 3 times daily in the run-up to Fireworks Night and then top up with a few drops before a noisy event. Calm Xtra works fast and will be effective for most dogs within 20 minutes.

The combination of NOISE REMEDY and CALM XTRA can be used on an 'as needed' basis if there is an unexpected firework display or a sudden thunderstorm. However if your dog is very noise sensitive we do suggest that it is used on a daily basis. In the run-up to Fireworks Season we recommend that you start using this combination from October onwards when the fireworks begin. Your dog will not be drowsy, just much better able to cope.


Calm Xtra Ingredients
Valerian, Scutellaria, Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Lactucca, Piscidia 30ml

Noise Remedy Ingredients
Borax, Phos


Noise Remedy Tablets

1 x Noise Remedy tablet 3 times daily. Can also be given 1 tablet every 30 minutes if there is a unexpected noisy occurrence, like a firework display or bird scarers. Pack contains 84 tablets.

Calm Xtra 30ml

Large dogs 15-25 drops

Medium dogs 10-5 drops

Small dogs 5-10 drops

Cats 3-5 drops

Give 2-3 times daily. Can also be used 20-30 minutes before a noisy/stressful event for an fast calming effect. Works within 30 minutes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Great product

Noreen OConnor
Firework Special & Hemp Oil

An honest and detailed review:- We have a staffie named Pebbles who is around 9 years old, she has hated fireworks for as long as we've had her. Manic panting, shivering, not being able to settle, this would go on for hours and would be very upsetting to see her go through this ordeal along with the worry that she may have a heart attack. Her safe place was under my bed, where she would hide and not come out even when you tried to entice her with food, she wasn't interested. So after seeing her go through this again on 5th November, I thought I can't go through this again Christmas/NY. That is when I looked for natural products to calm a pet during fireworks and I came across your website. I've got to admit I was very sceptical at first as I thought Pebbles was too far gone that nothing would calm her down, but I thought anything was worth a try. We gave the tablets and the oil to her as instructed around 2 weeks before Christmas.
We had a few fireworks around the Xmas/New Year period and I'm happy to report that she was no way near as nervous, she panted and shivered a little but nothing like she use to be. She only went under my bed for a brief moment but came back out to us again. She was a little unsettled, but by this I mean, she was walking around our house with her fave toy in her mouth whilst wagging her tail, which is a good sign that she wasn't in too much distress. She also managed to eat a chew and other treats which she has never done before. She did manage to settle and actually fell asleep on each of the firework nights.
So all in all a positive experience for us and we will be ordering again next year in time for 5th November. Thank you Canine Natural Cures 🙂

Dear Noreen.Thank you for taking the time to post a review and I am so pleased to hear that Pebbles seemed more relaxed on fireworks night. A great outcome. All the best to you and Pebbles.

Joanne Thomas
Excellent service

Excellent products and service dogs a lot calmer on the firework Special also purchased the aggression tablets for my other dog works great

Tracey smith
Fireworks special

Started giving my 9 year old dog the hemp oil, and the noise remedy tablets a week before fireworks night. On fireworks day we also gave her the calm xtra. She was definitely a lot calmer during the evening,no panting and no trying to dig herself a hole to hide in .
Will definitely buy again and will recommend the products to my son for his dog .
Thank you .

Thank you for your review. We're so glad to hear that our products helped ease your dog's anxiety during the fireworks display!

Firework Special

We have a 9 year old Jack Russell that hates loud noises in general. Of course firework weekend is particularly stressful for her. I've tried lots of things to help but this year she genuinely was so much better. She was aware of them but no panting, walking round hiding in the toilet. Thank you so much it's made an awful time so much better for all of us. Also you have the best customer service I e come across. We'll definitely be returning customers.

Hello Heather. I am so pleased to hear that the firework special has helped your dog and thank you for taking the time to post such a lovely review.