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Unwind: Homeopathy for dogs that are over excited

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Natural calming for dogs with bags of energy, who are always on the go, rarely seeming to settle. 

We recommend Unwind for dogs that have trouble focusing, who may be distracted during training and have frequent hyper moments when they become over excited - barking and jumping.  Unwind  will help them to focus on you when they are having these moments so that you can turn that energy into a positive outcome and channel their exuberance.

Great for all dogs including show, working and pet dogs. It will help to improve their responsiveness to you without causing drowsiness.

Use with reward based training, regular exercise and a natural diet free from artificial additives.

Unwind is a great way to support your dog’s learning.

Use either as one tablet daily or for show dogs give one tablet  2-3 days before the show and then on the day of the event.

Please note if you order the 3 month supply your tablets will be packaged in a single tube.

Homeopathy should be given on a clean tongue with no strong flavours in the mouth - ideally this means not with food. The tablets/pills are small and taste sweet and most dogs will readily accept them. If your dog objects then try giving with a bland flavour such as milk, plain yogurt or even butter.


1 tablet daily.

if only using for events like shows then give daily for 2 or 3 days prior to the event and then on the day give one tablet early morning and another 30 minutes or so before competing.

Homeopathy FAQ

How should I give homeopathy to my dog?

Our homeopathic tablets and pills should be given 30 minutes before of after food. This is because homeopathy needs to be given on a 'clean tongue'. This means no strong flavours in your pet's mouth. The tablets and pills are very small and taste sweet so most dogs will accept them readily.

If you struggle to give your dog tablets or pills then we suggest that you crush the tablet between the fold of a piece of paper and mix with a drop of milk or a tiny pat of butter. Most dogs will happily take their homeopathy like this.

Is it true that you shouldn't touch homeopathy?

Yes and no. It is difficult not to touch the tablets at all but try to keep handling to a minimum to preserve its potency. Your homeopathy will be supplied to you in a small, recyclable cardboard container. When giving to your dog simply drop a tablet or pill into the palm of your hand. Most dogs will lick it off your hand as the tablets taste sweet.

What is the dose for a small or large breed of dog?

Whether your dog is a mastiff or a chichuahua they will have the same dose of homeopathy. This makes homeopathy a very economical choice for owners of large breeds!

How quickly does homeopathy work?

Depending on the nature of the problem most customers will see a difference within a week or so. If you don't see an improvement then please get in touch with us as sometimes we can tailor-make homeopathy especially for your dog. There is no extra charge for this service.

What age can I give homeopathy from?

Homeopathy is safe to give to your dog from 12 weeks old. With the exception of our range for pregnant bitches do not give during pregnancy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Michelle Mosanya
Great products

These products have really helped my dog


I have tried and retried this with my dog, enough times to feel convinced I'm not imagining that it seems to have the exact effect on my dog to the intended one. She seems to become more hyper and definitely more barky. I'm baffled.

Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear that you are not finding Unwind to be effective. You say that you have tried and retried this product and I am just wondering if you are giving this product consistently to your dog? It does need to be given daily over a period of time for it to be effective. It is not something that I would suggest you use on an as needs basis. As with all homeopathy it is possible that for the first few days when you use it it can have the opposite effect. This is unusual but it is possible.

Lesley N
Early days!

Having used homeopathy for years for family and dogs, I thought it was time to try it for our GSD. At Home he is chilled and relaxed. He enjoys his walks and is generally well behaved....but....when he sees a human or doggie friend, or is in a new environment, he turns into a crazy,, overexcited maniac!
We have just started using them, but we are hoping Canine Natural Cures Unwind homeopathic tablets help him (and us) to manage meet-ups and new experiences more easily! this space!

Lorraine Steward

Hi - I have to be honest I'm not sure it has made much difference to Max. He still becomes ve
ry hyper and unable to be calmed in the evening despite being walked for sniffing opps and exercise/stimulation plus stimulating games and training at home. I am wondering if I should find something stronger to make him more relaxed in the evening. He sleeps fine once settled to bed although my camera shows me he moves position/place a lot but doesn't pace about.

Already working

We have only been using the calming tablets for the just over a week but our 1 year old Lab x GSD seems more chilled out and relaxed in the evenings.