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Urinary tract incontinence in dogs

Older dogs of both sexes can suffer from incontinence however it is especially common in female dogs particularly those that have been spayed. This is because urinary tract muscles weaken as dogs age and urine may start to leak out when they are relaxed or sleeping. Having said all of that I have known dogs as young as a year old that have been spayed and who have suffered from this problem. Signs of urinary tract incontinence are easy to spot. A damp bed which was previously dry, urine stains on the hind legs (particularly in long haired breeds), a persistent smell of urine and licking around the rear end.

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Visit Your Vet Initially

Visit Your Vet Initially

In the first instance it is a good idea to visit your vet to rule out
anything from significant. Sometimes, there can be a more serious issue underlying  or a urinary tract infection which is causing the problem so it is important to get this checked out. If it is old age incontinence then your vet can write you a prescription to help manage the problem. However many of our customers prefer to adopt a more natural approach - especially if their pet is going to be requiring support for the rest of their lives. Urinary tract incontinence is not generally curable so will need to be managed as effectively as possible. Luckily there are a number of natural options available. One of the best
that we discovered is Leaky Dog homeopathy. The Leaky Dog tablets are 100% natural and should be given one per day - ideally before bed.

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How to give homeopathy

Do not give homeopathy with food. Homeopathy needs to be given on what we call a clean tongue. This means no strong flavours in the mouth. If your dog will not accept the tablet on its own then you can give with a bland flavour - maybe a tiny drop of milk, plain yogurt or even butter. No two dogs are the same and sometimes the Leaky Dog tablets are not sufficient on their own or do not help. In this situation we recommend that you
try Dry liquid tincture which is a blend of herbs including Shepherds Purse, American Cranesbill, Horsetail, Tormentil and Valerian. A few drops of the tincture can be added to a treat or your dog's meal. The tincture should be given 2-3 times daily. For more severe cases of urinary tract incontinence we recommend giving the Dry together with the Leaky Dog.