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Home Remedies For Fleas

Home Remedies for Fleas on Dog

Yes it is possible to control fleas on your dog by using simple, home-made remedies that are cheap, readily available and safe to use. These traditional methods have proven effective for years so why not give them a go and avoid chemical laden spot-ons and medicines for your pet.

Homemade Flea Spray

Homemade Flea Spray

Make your own flea repellent with just a lemon and boiling water. Fleas hate the smell of this citrus fruit. Simply cut a lemon into quarters and steep in a pint of boiling water overnight. In the morning, discard the lemon and you will be left with a pint of lemon infused water - perfect for keeping the fleas at bay! Pour into a spray bottle to make a cheap flea repellent spray. Spray lavishly over your dog (avoiding the eyes) to ward off fleas and other biting insects.

If you like the idea of spray flea repellent but don't want the hassle of making your own then try our Barrier Flea and Tick Spray which contains a blend of natural herbs to repel fleas and ticks.

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Essential Oils that Fight Fleas

Essential Oils that Fight Fleas

Essential oils can be used to make a flea repellent too. Since essential oils are so potent only a few drops are necessary plus your dog will smell wonderful too.

Mix 10ml of sweet almond oil with 10 drops of lavender and 5 drops of cedarwood to make your own perfect blend. Apply to flea hotspots such as the base of the tail, behind the ears and under their 'armpits'. Apply at least twice a week to keep the fleas at bay.

Essential oils can also be soaked onto fabric to make a home-made flea collar. Rub a few drops of essential oils onto a fabric collar or bandanna. Tea tree oil, lavender, citronella or geranium are perfect for this. If you don't want the effort of making your own then try Scratch which our ready-made blend of flea repelling essential oils. Scratch contains Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Sage, Lavender. and is priced at £7.99 for 30ml.

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Give your dog a bath when they have fleas. Use your favourite shampoo to bathe. Or make your own flea dip by steeping a few sprigs of rosemary in a pint of water for 30 mins. Then mix with up to 8 pints of water and saturate your dog including the head as fleas will gravitate towards any area that is left dry. Perfect for a sunny day when your dog can dry off naturally.

Certain foods can help to ward off fleas. Garlic, brewers yeast tablets and apple cider vinegar are all known to repel fleas by making your dog taste less attractive.