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Great early results.

This is a new addition to my armoury in the war against itchy pup problems. I already use Allergy Aid and Itchy dog shampoo regularly which definitely help. This spray really works against that sudden itch. Pup scratches, gets a spritz (and a treat) and the Itch is calmed! Based on the little time I've used it, I am impressed and glad I bought it.

Tartare x

Great product. I always buy the large tub and it last for ages. My dogs breath and his teeth look great now

K9 Sure

I use this daily for my beautiful raw fed saluki/ lurcher Shepherd cross. It's amazing, I know all of his needs are being met and I won't be with out it now. I wish they still did the 300 gram pots though .

Really helpful with selecting the right product

My partner contacted you to see what might help our anxious dog, and two products were recommended. We are very happy with the recommendation as we're starting to see improvements already. I'll be ordering more soon as we're running out.


I will not know if supplements are working until urine test at the end of the month. So fingers crossed

Works wonders!

This spray has really helped our itchy staff who has some allergies. We have identified some food triggers which has helped but she was still quite itchy with what we suspect are environmental since we started using this spray the difference is significant. Really pleased with it!

Really works for my female senior dog. Her wetting while asleep has greatly reduced.

Great products

These products have really helped my dog

Liver Sausage Bites
Mrs Diane V Stokes
best in the world

My elderly staffie knows a thing or two - like where the treats are kept - and she now camps next to the Treat Cupboard, hoping against hope that the door will magically open and tip out the Liver Sausage Bites - she adores them!

Seaweed supplement for dogs

Very well packaged when delivered and also the tub was of excellent quality.
The seaweed seem to go down a treat for my puppy as well

Really good

Really helped after years of ineffective vet prescribed medication.


After using a vet prescribed medication for years unsuccessfully, I wasn't hopeful but this was excellent. Really showed a big improvement.

I ordered the Probiotic for my dog as her poo was sloppy. It arrived amazing quick and was so easy to order. Although it made no difference to her poo she was definitely better in her self since using it. My only criticism is why is the spoon so small? I had trouble finding it and had to tip the contents into a bowl to see if I even had one it’s that tiny. I understand it’s a measured dose but surely you could make the handle longer for ease of use?
I would definitely order again.

Amazing Product!!!

I have a dog who is allergic to fleas and also has an extremely sensitive stomach and reactive skin. The constant flea treatments were making him so ill. I searched for a natural remedy and found your site nearly three years ago. I have used this product on him, our other dog and cat ever since, we have never had a single flea or tick and it there are no adverse affects on his tummy. I have recommended to several friends and family over the years. Game-changing product 👌🏼✨️💜

Leak pills

Dead easy to ‘eat’, work a treat. Glad to hav3 fo7nd this company.

Dry 2

Worked within 2 days stools were back to normal

Really helping

My dog Hugo, a big boned and very beautiful lurcher, was found as a very young stray puppy, only a few weeks old, 4.5 years ago on the streets of Dublin. He was ten months old when he came to us. At first he showed extreme fear aggression
to other dogs. After much reward based training he's 90% better but still very uneasy with certain types of dogs, particularly Alsation type breeds and black labradors. I've been giving him Non-Aggress Plus for about ten days now and he's so much better and more confident. Today he walked past a large dog on an enclosed footpath without any problem. Amazing!

Helped my dog

This is the second time I've used Canine Natural Cures and the advice and service is excellent. After giving my dog Sanper 2 for two weeks, we can see an improvement in his behaviour.

No Scoot for Dogs Soft Chews


So far I have not noticed any change with my dog's behaviour, but will continue & complete the course of tablets.

K9 Sure
K-9 Sure Daily Sprinkle

My order was dispatched and delivered very quickly. I ordered this supplement as one of my fox terriers was eating grass after her evening meal. It has done the trick. I sprinkle a quarter of a teaspoon on her morning meal and she hasn't tried to eat grass since. It has a lovely smell to it. You can smell the herbs. It's very natural. I am very pleased with this lovely product.

Spring joint supplement

Only been on it with my old golden retriever but likes the taste and seems to be helping his leg

No results yet

Haven't seen any changes yet.

Happy Owner = Happy Dog

Ordered to try as my diabetic dog (12yr old) was having accidents on the bed while asleep. So far so good, dry bed and happy dog/owner. Just ordered a 3 month supply so long may it continue