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Fantastic website

My French bulldog had an infection on her spine at the beginning of the year, she's still on antibiotics, so I give her this immune supplement in her food, so easy as its liquid drops.

A naturally happy hound

I have been a customer of Canine Nature Cures since I had my first dog who was afraid of noise. Thunder, gunshot (we live in France where there are lots of hunters) and even Christmas Crackers, reduced him to a shivering jelly. He seemed to know that the noise remedy would solve his problems and we had no difficulties getting him to take them It isn't just the noise remedy that my dogs love. They can't get enough of the fish skin treat and they have nice clean teeth after eating them


Hi - I have to be honest I'm not sure it has made much difference to Max. He still becomes ve
ry hyper and unable to be calmed in the evening despite being walked for sniffing opps and exercise/stimulation plus stimulating games and training at home. I am wondering if I should find something stronger to make him more relaxed in the evening. He sleeps fine once settled to bed although my camera shows me he moves position/place a lot but doesn't pace about.

Noticable increase in confidence

My boy has been on Sanper 2 for a month so far and for the past couple weeks I have really noticed an increase in his confidence with leaving the house and being more excited to put his harness on. Previously he would run away and hide from the harness and lead and seemed so scared to go anywhere.

Walks are much more relaxed and he is more engaged with me instead of being in full defense mode. I plan to move onto Nonagress Plus soon to help with the dog reactivity but after seeking advice from Aisling and Frances, helping him with his nervousness first was definitely the right step.

Better dogs

Having a very scared cross breed ,and a anxious boston terrier since they started having these products, they are very different.
the crossed breed ,was very nervous around other dogs and fireworks. On a walk we had to avoid other dogs. Now she s not bother.
Boston terrier wasn't used to have many people around. Now she still barks but it only lasts seconds. I stopped giving it to them for a week, and all the bad behaviours came back.
The best products I ever tried. I always recommend it to friends and fellows dog parents.

Excellent stuff.

Spot on, noticed a difference within 2 days. My little dog had started to have quite smelly wee so I decided to give this a try after seeing it on the website whilst buying a joint supplement. Excellent delivery (next day) and it literally started working instantly.

Good stuff it works

Itchy Dog Shampoo
Mary Drysdale
Chihuahua and her pet fleas

The shampoo smells lovely and have used it twice so far, leaving the second stage wash on a little longer before rinsing. However I was so put out to find an active flea within 2 hours in the coat. Either I was not efficient enough with application, or a resident flea or two had lingered in the environment after the spray application. Will press on however, I’ve not owned a dog with such a dense fluffy undercoat, my other 2 are Whippet and It Greyhound, and no flea problems. Jokingly I blame gthe Chi for being fond of her flea population ..

Anal gland Support

My dog had to have antibiotics for anal gland infection and they were full. I started giving him the homeopathy daily and the scoot treats. When I took him back to the vets they didn’t need to express them and he seems much more comfortable. Thank you

Poor Feeder: Poor appetite

Pretty sure it’s working!

We’ve been adding this to our dog’s food for about 10 weeks now and it does appear to be reducing the grass damage significantly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to be absolutely certain as we have a ‘visiting’ dog that is not given Green Perez so some scorching persists.

Male orioplat

Good product just not for my dog but the ladies in the company are so knowledgeable and kind and made me something else first class help service and advice quick posting too thank you canine natural cures we will get there Val Davis

Haven't needed to use yet. Keeping it on hand for when we go away in the motorhome and come across more dogs, hopefully this will make life calmer and less stressful for both of us. Might have to share with her!!🤣

Happy dog

I’ve been using this product for about a month it seems to be working very well when I didn’t have it. I noticed that her problems were coming back slightly so I bought three tubs now I’m very happy with the results. I’ve now bought some ear infection stuff and eyedrops And I’m going to start buying some of the other range. I’ve also told my mum and she’s bought some for her dog very happy with this product, and my Dog seems a lot happier to

Great product!

An easy to store; easy to use joint-care product, suitable even for younger dogs.
We have had our GSD on the supplement since he was a young dog to protect his joints, rather than worry at a later date about arthritis and other joint problems. He loves having the fishy taste in his food, so we have no problems administering it!😊

Just started using

Easy to order delivery very quick
Don’t know if product works yet….. I’ve just started using it for my puppy
Grass hasn’t turned yellow so it must work
Time will tell🤞🤞Forever hopeful

Ear drops

Roxi is a Staffie and has had trouble with her ears a lot these drops have help so much and have stopped the itching and stopped her scratching them and having sore ears. Thank you so much. This is the second time you’ve helped better than the vets. Joan

Dry formula

My dog has has leaky problems for years. Didn't like the prescribed stuff as must have been bitter but this has worked perfectly. After a week. No more wet beds.

Great business offering support

Love this company, they help me with any queries and send my orders very promptly

No more wet patches

I have been giving these to my 12 year old springer after I started to notice wet patches appear. They took a week or so to kick in but there’s no more leaks from him anymore!! Happy dog happy mum!!

Jenny is a lot calmer

Calm Xtra Natural Calmer for Dogs

Leaky dog

I'm so glad I made the decision to try Leaky dog tablets to help my 5 year old working yellow Labrador Ella as shes been having problems with UTIs since she was a year old. After many vets trips and tests and an ultra sound on her bladder as we found she was leaking urine when she slept or resting and after medications from the vets which didnt work very long. We tried Leaky dog and a month after being on them we have seen no signs of urine. We are very happy so far and long may it continue we use Dry along side Leaky dog. Very fast delivery and lots of support from Canine natural Cures team. Many thank you to all at Canine natural Cures.

Thank you for writing this review Bernadette. We're so glad that Leaky Dog and Dry are helping help your dog with her UTIs.


This is good value for money and provides so many ingredients. Will use again.

Happy girl

Connie was much happier and relaxed in the ring thanks to go for it

Thanks for the review! I'm glad to hear that Connie was happier and more relaxed using the homeopathy.